Vienna Woods

Born in Melbourne, Vienna Woods began as the brainchild of Gemma our co-creator.
With a passion for fashion led design and beach products, Gems dream began in
2015 with the backing of SlumberTrek Australia.

The journey with the help of a few creative thinkers saw Vienna Woods bring a stunning, boutique
and independent range of beach and lifestyle products to Australia and the world in 2016.

With fashion forward front of mind, a no compromise on materials promise was needed.
The desire being to launch with a range of affordable, quality and creative products.
A lot of hard work went into creating our signature hand drawn fabric prints.

With SlumberTrek’s guiding hand through the manufacturing process, this partnership
gave us the confidence and building blocks to materialise Gem’s dream and produce the
exact products we want to deliver.

Created in Melbourne and hand crafted globally,
Vienna Woods is committed to remaining boutique, never for mass production.

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