Canga Comfy Beach

Canga Comfy Beach

Canga was born on Australian soil. More exactly, it was born on Australian sand; but it has a global soul and a Brazilian heart. We believe in a world where feeling good matters, being comfortable in your skin comes first and being close to nature is essential.

Our products are developed with joy. We carefully consider each step in the process. The designs come to life through Brazilian passion. Our unique Cangas reveal the most beautiful and vivid colours of the beach. Each pattern is a celebration of the coastal seasons.

The heavenly fabric is a blend of natural plants and fibres, handcrafted in an age old Indonesian technique. We painstakingly oversee every step in the process. The result is an incredibly versatile fashion wrap, which drapes divinely on the body. It doubles as a stunning, light-weight beach towel, complete with drawstring pouch for sunglasses, phone and personal items.

We package everything by hand at our Australian headquarters and we have an office in San Diego to distribute to all other distant friends out there.

We want to change the way people go to the beach – forever!