Top 2019 Trends for Coastal Interior Design


If there is one quality we love about coastal design, it is that it can be fresh and new even as it is thousands of years old.

The rustic and weathered pieces that fill our homes beautifully represent both the age and timelessness of the sea and the sand. While coastal design has been around forever, it is always contemporary and new.

Let’s look at the 2019 coastal design trends that have us most excited to get decorating and renovating this coming year.

Time to Declutter and start Anew

With a fresh new year, many people want to give their home a fresh new look. It is the perfect time to clean out cupboards and get rid of items that no longer bring you joy.

Move furniture around and mix up your use of colours, patterns and textures. Some tidying and rearranging can make your space feel brand new even if you can’t afford to buy a new home or undertake significant renovations.

A change is as good as a holiday, and changing around the coastal design of your living spaces can make summer feel like it lasts all year.

Set yourself a task of one cupboard at a time or one room at a time – don’t take on too much or you can get quickly overwhelmed. You don’t want to make too much mess at once either – when you are clearing and decluttering your home can look a lot messier before it looks better.

Tidy surfaces and spaces that can be seen by everyone by getting rid of what you no longer need and investing in good storage to hide everything else.

Then use the clean slate you create to craft your own stunning coastal design for 2019.

Top 2019 Trends for Coastal Interior Design

From small changes to big ones – you’ll be surprised by how good you will feel with some variety in your life.

Whether you are just starting out in coastal design or you already love a beachside theme but just need to shake things up a bit, these ideas will inspire you and awaken you to a whole new feeling in your home.

Bright and Vibrant Yellow

Yellow is a favourite colour in coastal design; it is after all the colour of the summer sun and the glorious beach sands. This colour that brings life and happiness into a living space is gaining more and more popularity in 2019, and we love the possibilities.

From mustards to daisy to marigold, splashes of yellow look amazing across your home. You could go big with a whole lounge suite in yellow, or smaller in just tones, like this lovely print:

Tropical palm trees print

Patterned Tiles

Tiles are getting more and more fun. You can use deliciously detailed tiles as a feature wall in your bathroom or an intriguing splashback in your kitchen, or even do a whole floor in an amazing new look.

Revamped Fireplaces

Who doesn’t love the romance of a fire by the beach? Modern and contemporary fireplaces, both indoors and for stunning outdoor living spaces are getting a fresh new look in 2019.

Streamlined silhouettes are the go, however, moving away from chunky fireplaces and rustic red brick looks. These still have their own beautiful place within a coastal design scheme, just consider this room:

Textiles and Fabrics are becoming Masterpieces

Artwork isn’t just a two-dimensional print image on a wall – it can be whatever you want it to be. We love the use of textured fabrics framed and hung as art or to brighten up a space as a vibrant patterned throw or rug.

There is a lovely boho vibe to hanging exquisitely detailed and brightly coloured fabrics around the room as artwork, but this free spirit fits wonderfully with coastal design as well.

Imagine how this floor rug would look on your lounge room wall or in a prominent place in your entrance, for example:

Mocka Aztec rug

Cacti Everywhere

This is a lovely versatile little plant that creates a whole interesting look of its own wherever you use it. Whether you choose real cacti or faux ones, they are hardy and will last forever, needing just a dust every so often.

Sprinkle them around your home for whimsy and to create a look with depth and variance. If you don’t want the hassle of looking after three-dimensional ones, you will love this print:

Desert Cactus Print
Desert Cactus Print

Walls are Awakening to a New Life

Bold and bright print wallpaper is also having a welcome surge in popularity for 2019. Again, with wallpaper, you can go big or little as you can for tiles. Redo one feature wall or an entire room – but go big and invite cheer and fun into your living spaces.

For coastally designed wallpaper we love the contrast of blue and white, think nautical stripes or images of flora or seashells. We love the elegant looks of the coral in these muted colours:


Coastal wallpaper. Source: Pinterest

Natural Swimming Pools

While we love the beach, if you can’t get the real thing close to home, then you can emulate its organic qualities with a natural pool. Think saltwater, with tiles the colour of the sea and edges and decking in softer hues and elemental textures. Read more here.

Natural Swimming Pools. Source: Good Housekeeping

Final Thoughts

Decorating, especially when it is with a coastal design, is meant to be light and easy and fun – so don’t overthink it! Choose the pieces and looks that speak to you, and make these trends work for your home.

Most of all, enjoy yourself! Happy New Year!



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