Styling ideas for Beach Themed Kids’ Rooms

Cozy white and blue nursery

We get so excited about beach-themed home design, as there is so much fun and variety in what you can do. Your own personal taste and individual touches can be brought out beautifully in many different ways meaning that you are never restricted, and you can make your space truly your own.

Beach themed kids’ rooms come in many different colours and styles as well, and can be as unique as your own high-spirited child. Wonderfully gender-neutral, a beach themed room can inspire creative play and imaginative fun, as well as teaching your kids about the importance of respecting our oceans and the glorious life within her.

There are really no rules with a beach theme, and you can play around as you or your child likes. Coastally inspired ideas are generally serene and relaxed, cool and breezy, with either a natural vibe of sun, sea and sand or the bright colours of beachside recreation or underwater life.

Furniture and decorations may show fish, shells, starfish and other creatures, watercraft like boats and surfboards floating on the waves, ocean side flora like tropical trees and bright blooms or summertime fun like ice cream and beachballs.

Often there is a happy use of weatherworn and distressed furniture that looks like it may have washed up on the beach, or made from natural textures like grass, wood, and bamboo.

We love the colour combinations and the relaxed feel of a coastally designed room. Here are some of our favourite ideas for beach themed kids’ rooms and unique décor.

Calming Ocean Nursery


Image: Project Nursery



The tranquil blues and whites of an ocean nursery have a beautiful way of not being too ‘boy-room’, and are stunning for baby girls as well (and great for when you don’t know the gender of your baby yet).

These tones are sublime for relaxing your little one to wind down for sleep, or as a lovely calming welcome when she wakes up. You will also find this a lovely place to sit and feed in the middle of the night.

Choose several different tones of blue, as the ocean changes colour and personality every day, and then accentuate with white wood furniture, pale motifs such as white starfish, clouds, birds or seashells.


Inspire your child for a future as a sailor with this super cute theme. Strong in rich navy, bold blues, red, yellow and white, this is characterised by solid stripes, triangular sails, and images of boats, anchors, rope and life preservers.

Nautical is an easy theme to come across in major stores so you are guaranteed to find a wealth of options in toys, bedding, pictures, rugs and more.

Image source: Kids room ideas


Take your little wanderer away to a tropical paradise in their own bedroom with flowers, trees and creatures from sunny climates.

The colours are bright and festive featuring one of the most popular colours for 2019, coral, as well as turquoise, deep pinks, bright yellows and oranges and sky blue. Think of palm trees and tropical blooms, coconuts, toucans and flamingos, pineapples and watermelons.

This theme works for many ages but can resonate especially well with tweens and teenagers who are starting to make their own choices in bedroom décor.

Image source: Drova

Underwater Reef

Imagine yourself in the midst of performing ‘Under the Sea’ with the cast of The Little Mermaid, and then channel this fantasy world into an enchanting décor theme for your little one’s room.

Paint the walls with washes of blue and green, and then decorate with coral reefs, shells, starfish and of course a wonderful parade of vibrantly coloured marine life like dolphins, seahorses and octopi. Throw in some cool touches like this shark bin for storage or use as a hamper:

Shark bin hamper available from Mocka


You could also add a more girly spin with this Mermaid lamp.

Mermaids lamp from Adairs

Beach Boho

This theme is a little more laidback and sun-washed, with a muted palette of blues, beiges, natural greens, tans and white. Think rattan for your furniture, and surfboards and VW vans for your motifs. Decorate walls with gorgeous pieces like this surfing art:

Surfing a Crowded Wave print from $29 Buy Now


You can throw in pops of deep colour like magenta, burgundy and sea-green in boho-patterned pieces like rugs and bedding. We also love the idea of throwing in a hanging chair for a complete chill factor.

This is another great design theme for older children and teenagers and is endlessly cool. We love the look of this bedroom:

Image: Lilypad Cottage


Wayfaring Adventurer

This is a rustic look based in rich browns with vintage look maps, tall-masted sailing ships, travelling trunks and collapsible furniture such as the intrepid explorers took with them along the Pacific and the Indian coastlines when they trekked there.

There is also a lovely old school, classical feel to this theme, such as in this bedroom:

Image: Pinterest



Vintage Day at the Beach

Think gorgeous pastel colours for this theme, such as you might see on an old gelati-van or a row of wooden beach boxes.

Paint your walls the yellow of golden sands and then dot them with banana lounges and brightly coloured parasols like a day spent on the Amalfi coast in the 1950s.

Image: Wanelo



There really is so much that you can do, and your child will have a great time helping you choose pieces for their room as they grow up.

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