How to spoil the Mum in your life this Mother’s Day


There can be a lot of pressure on Mother’s Day to go a bit overboard with gifts and expensive lunches. However, there are plenty of simple ways you can make Mum feel special. Whether it be treating her with a special outing or making her a thoughtful gift, we have pulled together our top ideas for how you can spoil the Mum in your life this Mother’s Day, with a little coastal inspiration.


Creating a beautiful brunch for Mum is a great start to any Mother’s Day. Plan your menu around seasonal produce, do a fruit platter with fresh yogurt, cook up whatever your Mum loves. Also, think about presentation, get out the ‘good’ tea cups and crockery and set a lovely table with a tablecloth and fresh flowers. Mum will feel special if you have made an effort and have prepared a beautiful meal at home and it will cost you a fraction of going out for an expensive brunch with just a bit of effort required.

Gorgeous plates and tablecloth by Aquamarine Home

Another option is to pack a beautiful picnic and head to the beach, perfect for those with small kids/grandkids. Let’s face it, getting kids to sit at a table in a café or a restaurant is a stretch at the best of times. It’s definitely less stressful to go with an outdoor option where the kids can run along the beach but still engage with Mum or Grandma. Pack some sandwiches, cheeses, fruit skewers, maybe a treat for dessert, and enjoy the relaxing setting.

You can read our tips on how to pack a beach picnic at Little Peeps Eats

For the Mum who loves being active, why not plan a bit of an adventure? You could hire paddleboards or kayaks and follow it with coffee and cake or an ice cream. Or go for a hike or a bushwalk if it’s a beautiful day. Fresh air is free, and Mum will be excited to have someone else make the plans, especially if she loves the outdoors.

Gift ideas

There are so many beautiful coastally inspired options, from unique handmade gifts to items you can make yourself.

A beach bag is always a great practical option, especially if it’s one of those things your Mum wouldn’t buy for herself. You can go practical and waterproof with plenty of room for towels and toys, or go with a more boho feel. You can view our entire range here.

Boho styled Bondi bag from Sea Tribe


Another option is an insulated drink bottle, many of these will stay cold for 12-24 hours. These are brilliant to throw in your beach bag on a warm day, or even just for when you are out for the day with the family. You are also encouraging less plastic consumption by gifting these stylish bottles which are so superior to using plastics which end up in our oceans.

Flamingo Avanti drink bottle guaranteed to keep drinks cool

If you’re feeling inspired you could get a bit creative and make Mum a coastal living inspired mini terrarium. I made this one for my own bathroom using a scoop of potting mix, some white pebble stones and adding a mini succulent. This is an easy option for mum as she can pop it on a shelf or hang it in a corner to add a little beach house feel. This is also a gift that children can create very easily, you could add some shells or small sea creatures to the mix for a little added creativity.

Potted plants are always a fantastic option too, with so many lovely coastal varieties available, choose a pot in grey or white and you have an instant tropical gift.

Terrarium and pebbles bought from K-mart, an easy DIY option


A unique home décor piece is another option for Mum.  I have this beautiful whitewashed driftwood piece from Harper+Wilde that I adore. It takes me back to the beach every time I look at it. Shells, cuttlefish, sea urchin, there are so many beautiful handmade and truly unique items with which you can spoil mum. Have a look at the Harper+Wilde collection here.

My two-tiered driftwood wall hanging from Harper+Wilde

I’m currently obsessed with essential oils and the calming and restorative properties they bring to my family every day. There is nothing like diffusing some gorgeous citrus scents or sandalwood after a long stressful day to bring some serenity into your home. This gorgeous coastal inspired diffuser is amazing and will run for up to 6.5 hours. (I’m diffusing citrus bliss as I write this, as it helps with focus!).

Aroma Flare diffuser with my favourite oils. 

There are also some stylish options for aromatherapy jewellery which allow Mum to slowly release oils during the day. Some lovely coastal scents could be cedarwood, sandalwood, grapefruit, lemon, geranium.

Aroma necklace, to take your calming scents with you

For more Mother’s Day gift inspiration, you can search for ‘gifts’ in our shop, we have you covered for beach gear, boho beach fashion and coastal homewares.


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