Hamptons Beach Style – How to Perfect this Look at Home


No matter what time of year it is, perfecting a coastal style in your home décor will have you feeling warm and toasty. We love beachside couture because of the calming and relaxed vibe it brings to any living space.

One of the most famous coastal styles in home décor is the Hamptons style.

Let’s have a look at what defines Hamptons beach style and give you some great tips for perfecting this style at home (even if you don’t have a Hamptons style budget!)

Hamptons style comes from the Hampton Islands area in upstate New York, where the sophisticated spend their summers. It is a chic and effortlessly cool décor vibe that is light and bright and somehow exudes expense and beachside chill at the same time.

The Hamptons look is “sophisticated, relaxed, timeless, airy and light”, according to Indah Island interior designer, Natalee Bowen, who specialises in a gorgeous fusion of Hamptons and lush Australian coastal.

This style of décor is open and airy with the simplicity of colour, pattern and design. It draws inspiration from some romantic European styles including French Provincial and Baroque mainly in the furniture design.

This style is always cool and relatively easy to exude in Aussie homes, fitting in perfectly with our warm climate and laidback entertaining vibe.

Here are our Top Ten Tips for getting that Hamptons Style at Home

Spacious Rooms

The Hamptons look is all about friends and family, about conversation and entertaining. The areas are open to invite people in and welcome and embracing to get them to stay awhile.

You can get the look with spacious rooms and generous proportions and by starting with a clean crisp foundation, usually white.

Unique Colours

The colour palette consists of neutrals and pale beachy tones of blue, grey, yellow and green, often with accents and detailing in black or navy. It is enhanced by natural elements such as stone floors, exposed timber and touches of bronze in faucets and handles.

You can get the look by layering a number of different blues for example such as baby blue, navy or duck egg blue.


Clean but Comfy

You are going for a feel that is clean, clear, crisp, cool and uncluttered, yet relaxed. While it is clean, we are not going for hospital-level minimalism here, but neat, easy, and breezy.

Bring the French undertones in through soft furnishings and big squishy armchairs. Warmth and comfort are brought in with natural textures and furnishings such as wood, linen, wool and leather. It can also be created through the use of classic gingham and chequered fabrics as well as sleek pinstripes.

Interesting Crafted Furniture

Focal points are often finely crafted and luxuriously comfy seating arrangements such as armchairs, ottomans and window seats.

Keep larger pieces of furniture light and neutral in tone, and then give this depth with organic patterns like florals, nautical or tropicals.

Throw in intriguing decorative pieces such as beautiful lamps and carved or ornate mirrors.

You can mix old and new pieces in this sort of look, which is usually one of the best features of a beachside vibe. It fits perfectly well with modern families and busy lifestyles while still has that relaxed, salvaged or repurposed vibe of something that washed up on the shore.

Nautical stripes and natural accents are key

Timber Floors and Walls

Floors and walls are clean and subtly-patterned, so stick with white, cream and light timber and stone looks. Herringbone floors and wall tiles work well in neutral colours and light tones.

Wooden detailing and moulding are also prominent on walls, ceilings and edges – think architraves, cornices, inlays and skirtings for detail.

Soft Furnishings for Warmth

Floor rugs can be used but are generally light in colour and pattern, and instead get their warmth and interest from the texture.

Use silk, linen and wool to create layers of texture in rugs and soft furnishings. Use subtle patterns such as florals in cushions and throws to create warmth and points of interest.

Windows are Key

Windows are huge, usually floor to ceiling with French doors to external access. The look is kept soft and classic with sheer and luxurious curtains or plantation blinds all in one colour, steering away from modern roman or roller blinds.

There is generally nothing that should stop the eye from travelling seamlessly from the indoors to out, making a Hampton home instantly at one with its external natural environment.

 Airy and Light

During the day this style of home should be mostly natural-lit, with lots of windows and skylights as a main feature. Then decorative lamps, ornate mirrors and suspended light fittings create intimate mood lighting when entertaining at night.

Lots of Greenery

Oversized green plants are a big feature of this look, with a minimum of bright flowers or bouquet arrangements. Fill your space with oversized leafy indoor plants, either faux or the real deal, and keep them clean and lush.

Nautical Knick-Knacks

What beachside décor could be perfect without the interesting beachy knick-knacks for fun? With the Hamptons look, nauticals are big so throw in things like boat motifs, oars, anchors, or ship steering wheels.

Blue and white are always good, you can find these in vintage ceramics such as porcelain jars, plates and teapots and old-style milk jugs and mixing bowls.

We also love oversized jars filled with beachy bits and bobs such as shells, starfish or stones.

For more ideas on how you can achieve the Hamptons look in your Aussie home, check our store.









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