Coastal Christmas Decor Tips and Ideas

Coastal Christmas Decor

I may have mentioned this before, but Christmas and the beach go so incredibly well together – don’t you think?

While across the globe Christmases are all snow and fireplaces and hot roast dinners, in Australia when we think of Christmas we naturally go to sunny days, swimming, fresh seafood and tropical fruit covered pavlovas.

Whether your Christmas day is by the beach, or you just love channelling a coastal vibe wherever your home is located, we have got some gorgeous coastal Christmas décor ideas for you.

From traditional sit-down dining, to grazing platters, cold buffet or a balmy Christmas Eve cocktail party, we have got all the festive beachside decorating tips you will need.

Why do we love a Coastal Christmas so much?

A beachside Christmas has a far more laidback, chilled-out vibe than a Northern winter Christmas.

Christmas can be a mad, mad time of year, a time of being hectic and getting stressed out. While at Beachside Collective, we love the coastal look all year round, we think it fits beautifully well with Christmas.

A coastal Christmas encourages you to slow down, breathe deeply and take a moment. It reminds you to kick back and just enjoy this time with family and friends. It’s too hot really to run around cooking and cleaning and worrying – just throw a party out on your back deck and you don’t even need to tidy up the house!

Here are some of our favourite things about a beachside Christmas:

  • Beach cricket in the late afternoon
  • Fresh seafood barbequed to perfection
  • Huge buckets of freshly shucked oysters
  • Tropical champagne cocktails – through in some mango or pineapple for a fun twist!
  • An ice-cold G and T (or maybe two!)
  • Santa in boardshorts and bare feet
  • A big nap in the shade after lunch.
Beach Santa
Beach Santa at Sydney Tower Eye




Decorating your house to look like Christmas is so much fun, and really gets your creative juices flowing. When you start to think of ideas, you realise that beach and Christmas actually go beautifully together, and you will come up with all sorts of touches to sprinkle throughout your home.

From lanterns to model ships to big jars filled with tea lights and a collection of items combed from the sand, you are guaranteed to get inspired and excited.

Here are some coastal Christmas décor ideas that we love


You can make little changes or big ones. If you love all the traditional Christmas concepts, but want to put a lovely fresh beach spin on it, why not just play around with colours?

Tweaking Christmas into a coastal theme can mean you stick to the traditional ideas of a tree and tinsel, but switch up the colours you are using. Try blues, white and silver instead of red and green. Try a paler green with beige and white trimmings instead of the deeper colours of the North Pole.

We love the idea of completely white decorations – not for the snow, but for our crystal white sand under the glistening Aussie sun!

Christmas colours
Christmas seaside inspired tones

Wreathes and other Welcomes

We love a coastal Christmas because of the fun twists on traditional decorations and ideas.

Try decorating your wreath with beachy items such as shells of different shapes and sizes. You can leave them natural-toned or paint them white or even spray paint them silver or gold to up the festive-factor.

beach wreath shells

You could also go completely coastal and use an old-style life preserver instead of the wreath to welcome people in your front door.

Christmas trees and their alternatives

Put up the traditional green pine Christmas tree, and then decorate with all seaside objects, such as starfish, shells and fish. We love the gorgeous beachy Christmas ornaments from Aquamarine home, either in muted painted clay or super-cute felt.

blue anchor
Blue anchor decoration from Aquamarine Home

Wonderfully, a starfish can do double duty, as it is firmly coastal-inspired, but doesn’t look out of place on the top of the tree. You could also make a tree entirely out of starfish such as this:

starfish christmas tree

Or you could go completely beachy with a tree alternative, like a white tree or decorative bare branches. You could even go beachcombing to find some interesting pieces of driftwood to combine into a tree shape.


Christmas dining and Centrepieces


shell table setting christmas

Your Christmas table can be coastal inspired using many of the same ideas as we’ve mentioned already. Choose giant conch shells and then fill them with candles or smaller shells and things you’ve collected from the beach.

Put together some long trays in the centre of the table and then fill the base of them with sand and a mix of beachy items and Christmas ornaments.

Use long pieces of driftwood wound with tinsel, hung with baubles or twinkling gorgeously with fairy lights.

Buy some large clear vases or containers, and pop a fat white or Christmas coloured candle in the centre. Fill around the sides of the candle with sand and crisp white shells. These look wonderful anywhere and can be used outdoors, on side tables or as centrepieces along your dining table.


Merry Christmas from Beachside Collective

Don’t go overboard this Christmas; it should be about family, friends and just chilling out on the sand. We hope you like our coastal Christmas décor ideas, and have incredible fun making your own space look gorgeous for this season.




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