10 Easy Eco-Friendly Tips to Help Protect our Oceans


Looking after the ocean should be a bit of a no-brainer, right? We all know that we should be taking care of our waterways and looking after the conservation of our oceans and all of the creatures that live within them.

But there might be a few tips that you hadn’t thought of, and a few things you were guilty of that really aren’t great for our ocean and her dwellers. The truth is there is always a little more we could be doing. Let’s have a look at 10 easy eco-friendly tips you could follow in your everyday life to help protect the ocean.

Why does the ocean need protecting?

The oceans are massive, right, and flourishing? Why on earth would they need our help?

Oceans play a vital role in regulating our climate and feeding all of the people and creatures on the globe. Oceans represent the world’s largest store of carbon and help to create most of the air that we breathe as well as keeping temperatures across the globe even enough for life to thrive.

According to the World Wildlife Foundation:

“As the climate responds to decades of increasing carbon emissions, the store of energy and heat from the atmosphere builds up in the ocean. If we reach a tipping point, we will likely see more extreme weather events, changing ocean currents, rising sea levels and temperatures, and melting of sea ice and ice sheets—all of which aggravate the negative impacts of overfishing, illegal fishing, pollution, and habitat degradation”

Basically, the oceans are being threatened by a number of factors including:

  • carbon emissions which cause climate change, raising the temperature of the ocean and the world
  • the carbon makeup of the ocean is changing which is gradually killing off species of marine life and natural habits such as coral reefs
  • they are also threatened by manmade rubbish and chemicals that make their way into the water.

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Behind the Brand Klassikoz Swimwear


We recently caught up with Annette Gaber, creator of luxury ethical brand Klassikoz Swimwear. The Klassikoz aesthetic is simple, classic and luxurious, delivering beautifully made swimwear that will last for years both in style and quality. We hope you enjoy getting to know Annette.

Annette Gaber

Q & A

1. Tell us a bit about yourself?

I’m a lawyer by day and operate the swimwear business on the side.  In my spare time, I love to hang out with my Hungarian Vizsla dog – we both love the beach so we hang out there a lot over summer. I enjoy keeping fit and spending time with friends and family. Things I can’t live without include my dog, wine and coffee. I also love to read, mainly fiction and educational books. The last novel I read was Escape Room and I’m currently listening to an audio book called The 4-Hour Work Week.

2. Why did you start your business?

After 15 years of practicing law, I was seeking a creative outlet and I’ve always wanted to know what it was like to start up a business. When I was thinking of product ideas, swimwear came to mind. Whenever I go on holidays, I tend to head to warm beach destinations, as I love warm weather and the water. Swimwear is a travel essential for beach holidays but I used to struggle to find something I liked that was suitable for my age and body shape.

3. Where do you get your inspiration?

Whenever I went shopping for swimwear in the past, I would be faced with the latest trend in cut or fabric. However, I just wanted a classic and elegant swimsuit that flattered my figure and suited my age and style. More importantly, I wanted something that was comfortable to wear. It was a struggle to find. So the inspiration for my debut collection was classic, elegant and minimalist design.

4. Do you have a favourite item in your collection?

My favourite item is the halter neck one piece. It covers your mid-section, hugs the body in the right places and gives your bust a bit of a boost.


5. What does an average day look like for you?

Weekdays are fairly routine. I wake at around 6am and take the dog out for a walk or run. I then head into the office, grab a large soy latte (most people I know are aware I’m not fully functional until I’ve had my morning coffee haha) and do some lawyering. Nights are spent taking the dog out again, cooking dinner and spending time on the swimwear business. Weekends are more about catching up with friends, spending quality time with my dog (I try to get her to the beach as much as I can over summer) and putting in extra time on the swimwear business.



6. Are there any current trends you are inspired by at the moment?

My fashion style is more classic, so I am not one to follow trends. I do, however, love the recent rashie trend. There’s been a move to make rashies simultaneously sun-smart and stylish, which I applaud.

7. Where is your favourite beach?

My favourite place in Australia is Hamilton Island, so I would have to say Catseye Beach.

catseye beach
Photo: Queensland Blog

8. Do you have an item you can’t live without for a day at the beach? (your own product or otherwise!)

That’s easy, sunscreen! I love the Bondi Sands SPF 30 sunscreen oil spray. It’s easy to apply, non-greasy and smells great.

9. If you could holiday anywhere in the world where would you go?

I have always wanted to go to the Greek Islands but I am yet to make it there. It’s definitely at the top of my list of places to go.

10. What’s next for your business, anything exciting on the horizon you can share with us?

My focus at the moment is on building brand awareness and trust, which is a long road. I very much hope to see a second collection released in the not too distant future, for which I already have several ideas.


Please view the gorgeous range of Klassikoz Swimwear here.

Top 2019 Trends for Coastal Interior Design


If there is one quality we love about coastal design, it is that it can be fresh and new even as it is thousands of years old.

The rustic and weathered pieces that fill our homes beautifully represent both the age and timelessness of the sea and the sand. While coastal design has been around forever, it is always contemporary and new.

Let’s look at the 2019 coastal design trends that have us most excited to get decorating and renovating this coming year.

Time to Declutter and start Anew

With a fresh new year, many people want to give their home a fresh new look. It is the perfect time to clean out cupboards and get rid of items that no longer bring you joy.

Move furniture around and mix up your use of colours, patterns and textures. Some tidying and rearranging can make your space feel brand new even if you can’t afford to buy a new home or undertake significant renovations.

A change is as good as a holiday, and changing around the coastal design of your living spaces can make summer feel like it lasts all year.

Set yourself a task of one cupboard at a time or one room at a time – don’t take on too much or you can get quickly overwhelmed. You don’t want to make too much mess at once either – when you are clearing and decluttering your home can look a lot messier before it looks better.

Tidy surfaces and spaces that can be seen by everyone by getting rid of what you no longer need and investing in good storage to hide everything else.

Then use the clean slate you create to craft your own stunning coastal design for 2019.

Top 2019 Trends for Coastal Interior Design

From small changes to big ones – you’ll be surprised by how good you will feel with some variety in your life.

Whether you are just starting out in coastal design or you already love a beachside theme but just need to shake things up a bit, these ideas will inspire you and awaken you to a whole new feeling in your home.
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Tips for Keeping Your Family Safe at the Beach this Summer


Everyone looks forward to summer, don’t they? We always love chilled out holidays and taking time off from work, relaxing by the beach and hanging out with family and friends.

You can’t be too relaxed, however, because the Aussie beach can, unfortunately, be a dangerous place if you aren’t careful.

Here are some beach safety tips to help you look after your family without losing the fun and relaxation of a day beside the sea. You do need to be careful and stay alert, but it shouldn’t get in the way of having fun in the sun.

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Coastal Christmas Decor Tips and Ideas

Coastal Christmas Decor

I may have mentioned this before, but Christmas and the beach go so incredibly well together – don’t you think?

While across the globe Christmases are all snow and fireplaces and hot roast dinners, in Australia when we think of Christmas we naturally go to sunny days, swimming, fresh seafood and tropical fruit covered pavlovas.

Whether your Christmas day is by the beach, or you just love channelling a coastal vibe wherever your home is located, we have got some gorgeous coastal Christmas décor ideas for you.

From traditional sit-down dining, to grazing platters, cold buffet or a balmy Christmas Eve cocktail party, we have got all the festive beachside decorating tips you will need.

Why do we love a Coastal Christmas so much?

A beachside Christmas has a far more laidback, chilled-out vibe than a Northern winter Christmas.

Christmas can be a mad, mad time of year, a time of being hectic and getting stressed out. While at Beachside Collective, we love the coastal look all year round, we think it fits beautifully well with Christmas.

A coastal Christmas encourages you to slow down, breathe deeply and take a moment. It reminds you to kick back and just enjoy this time with family and friends. It’s too hot really to run around cooking and cleaning and worrying – just throw a party out on your back deck and you don’t even need to tidy up the house!

Here are some of our favourite things about a beachside Christmas:

  • Beach cricket in the late afternoon
  • Fresh seafood barbequed to perfection
  • Huge buckets of freshly shucked oysters
  • Tropical champagne cocktails – through in some mango or pineapple for a fun twist!
  • An ice-cold G and T (or maybe two!)
  • Santa in boardshorts and bare feet
  • A big nap in the shade after lunch.
Beach Santa
Beach Santa at Sydney Tower Eye




Decorating your house to look like Christmas is so much fun, and really gets your creative juices flowing. When you start to think of ideas, you realise that beach and Christmas actually go beautifully together, and you will come up with all sorts of touches to sprinkle throughout your home.

From lanterns to model ships to big jars filled with tea lights and a collection of items combed from the sand, you are guaranteed to get inspired and excited.

Here are some coastal Christmas décor ideas that we love


You can make little changes or big ones. If you love all the traditional Christmas concepts, but want to put a lovely fresh beach spin on it, why not just play around with colours?

Tweaking Christmas into a coastal theme can mean you stick to the traditional ideas of a tree and tinsel, but switch up the colours you are using. Try blues, white and silver instead of red and green. Try a paler green with beige and white trimmings instead of the deeper colours of the North Pole.

We love the idea of completely white decorations – not for the snow, but for our crystal white sand under the glistening Aussie sun!

Christmas colours
Christmas seaside inspired tones

Wreathes and other Welcomes

We love a coastal Christmas because of the fun twists on traditional decorations and ideas.

Try decorating your wreath with beachy items such as shells of different shapes and sizes. You can leave them natural-toned or paint them white or even spray paint them silver or gold to up the festive-factor.

beach wreath shells

You could also go completely coastal and use an old-style life preserver instead of the wreath to welcome people in your front door.

Christmas trees and their alternatives

Put up the traditional green pine Christmas tree, and then decorate with all seaside objects, such as starfish, shells and fish. We love the gorgeous beachy Christmas ornaments from Aquamarine home, either in muted painted clay or super-cute felt.

blue anchor
Blue anchor decoration from Aquamarine Home

Wonderfully, a starfish can do double duty, as it is firmly coastal-inspired, but doesn’t look out of place on the top of the tree. You could also make a tree entirely out of starfish such as this:

starfish christmas tree

Or you could go completely beachy with a tree alternative, like a white tree or decorative bare branches. You could even go beachcombing to find some interesting pieces of driftwood to combine into a tree shape.


Christmas dining and Centrepieces


shell table setting christmas

Your Christmas table can be coastal inspired using many of the same ideas as we’ve mentioned already. Choose giant conch shells and then fill them with candles or smaller shells and things you’ve collected from the beach.

Put together some long trays in the centre of the table and then fill the base of them with sand and a mix of beachy items and Christmas ornaments.

Use long pieces of driftwood wound with tinsel, hung with baubles or twinkling gorgeously with fairy lights.

Buy some large clear vases or containers, and pop a fat white or Christmas coloured candle in the centre. Fill around the sides of the candle with sand and crisp white shells. These look wonderful anywhere and can be used outdoors, on side tables or as centrepieces along your dining table.


Merry Christmas from Beachside Collective

Don’t go overboard this Christmas; it should be about family, friends and just chilling out on the sand. We hope you like our coastal Christmas décor ideas, and have incredible fun making your own space look gorgeous for this season.




Coastal Christmas Gift Ideas – Part 2

coastal christmas gift ideas part 2

If you are stumped for some present ideas for the kids, or if you have lots of extra people to buy for, we have the ultimate list of coastal Christmas gift ideas for you. Fun, quirky, useful and well within your budget, for all those extra gifts and stocking fillers, check out this list.

Just for Fun – Coastal Christmas Gift Ideas

Christmas is coming closer – how is your Christmas shopping going? Starting to panic yet?

The range of fun and quirky coastal Christmas gift ideas from the Beachside Collective is the answer to all of your problems. You can find everything you need here and buy it all online – even enjoy a quiet beverage while you are doing it!

If you are looking for kids’ coastal Christmas gift ideas, or smaller things like Kris Kringle, for teachers or stocking fillers, we have you covered with our list below.

If you are looking for the bigger gifts for her, for him, or for that person in your life who is just impossibly difficult to buy for, be sure to check the first part of this blog, here!

Our gifts are out of the box extraordinary and support small and boutique local businesses as well as helping to support global enterprises. Made from only the best materials, many of them are handcrafted as sustainably sourced as well.

Something for the Kids

If you are looking for a gift that won’t date, that looks good with your décor and that your child is guaranteed to play with over and over, check out the whimsical animals and creatures from Aquamarine Home.

One of our favourites is the Princess Playset (also available in a Dinosaur set), which is handcrafted by artisans in Nepal. Money from your purchase goes back into the local community where it was made.

Princess Playset
Princess Playset from Aquamarine Home


If you are thinking less along toy lines, and more for something useful and practical, you will love the retro-inspired rashies, swimmers and boardshorts from Babes in the Shade. Keep your kids protected from the sun as well as looking suave and uber cool while they play at the beach.

babes in the shade
Rash vests from Babes in the Shade


Pair them with the breezy Vacay Capes from Ozel, perfect to throw in the beach bag, quick drying and adorable on little ones!

Vacay Sun Cape from Ozel
Vacay Sun Cape from Ozel

Quirky fun stuff

A sweet coastal inspired print will please people of all ages, and is so versatile. We love these for children, as well as for when you are completely stuck for ideas.

The beachy hues of this boho print from Final Touch Décor are precious.

boho bear print
Wild and Free Bear from Final Touch Decor


Everyone would love to receive this beautiful dreamy beach print, it will make anyone think of holidays and happy times.

Sunset Beach Scene from Final Touch Decor

For anyone hoping for some chill out time by the beach this summer, you can’t go wrong with a voucher to buy some easy reading material, there is a huge range of options or you can go with a gift voucher from Book Depository.

Stocking fillers and shopping on a budget

A gorgeous beach towel is never a bad gift, especially one as vibrant and timeless as this one from Sun Republic. And under $25, it is great for the work Kris Kringle or your kid’s teacher. A clever unisex present, it will also go perfectly if you have lucky dip sort of gift exchange happening.

cotton peshtemal towel
Cotton Peshtemal Towel from Sun Republic


Something we especially love for teachers is the jewellery range from Aquamarine Home. Cute, bright and versatile, every purchase also donates money towards education for girls in third-world countries to prevent them from being trafficked.

Check out these earrings in coastal inspired tones:

Paper Bead Tassel earrings from Aquamarine Home


Wonderful for stocking fillers, you should also check out their range of handmade, ethically sourced Christmas decorations as well.

cuttlefish ornaments
View the range of ornaments from Aquamarine Home


Other easy options, that everyone will love to receive include the coastal scented candle range from Saltwater Lifestyle. Pair them with a four-pack of mini bottles of sparkling wine or prosecco to make sure your recipient knows this gift is all about some indulgent me-time.

Coastal scented candles from Saltwater Lifestyle

A true ocean experience

If you can’t bring your special person to the beach, but still love a coastally inspired gift, how about tickets to the aquarium in your capital city, or a donation to help support marine conservation or the Surf Lifesaving Foundation?

And if you are still completely stumped for coastal Christmas gift ideas, why not buy a gift voucher from one of our incredible vendors? We have a huge range of coastally inspired items for the beach, home or just for fun; your friends and family are sure to find something to suit them perfectly.


Coastal Christmas Gift Ideas – Part 1


Coastal Christmas Gift Ideas – Something for Everybody

In Australia, Christmas and summer go together like strawberries and pavlova. With the vision in your mind of a balmy summer’s day for Christmas, giving gifts with an easy coastal vibe is a wonderful idea.

Whether your gift recipients live on the coast, are planning a beach holiday, or just love sprinkling some coastal décor around their home, wherever they reside, we have the ultimate list of coastal Christmas gift ideas for you.

If you are looking for gifts for her, for him, of for that person in your life who is just impossibly difficult to buy for, we have you covered.

If you are looking for kids’ coastal Christmas gift ideas, or smaller things like Kris Kringle, for teachers or stocking fillers, be sure to check our second part of this blog, coming soon!

Many of our gifts are out of the box extraordinary and support small and boutique local businesses. Made from only the best materials, many of them are handcrafted as sustainably sourced as well.

Gifts for her

Any special lady deserves a little chill-out and some me-time. Indulge the woman in your life with this luxurious throw, perfect as a blanket or as interior or exterior décor.

Ozel Australia Oasis Lifestyle Throw – on sale!


Encourage her to completely relax by pairing this magnificent throw with some other self-care items such as a bottle of expensive champagne and a few good books bundled up in a ribbon or in a picnic basket.

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Beach holiday travel tips


The beach holiday is everyone’s dream break. The sun, sand and sparkling seas, the relaxation time and peace and quiet. The unwritten rule that you must use this time to chill out and just reconnect with yourself.Beach holidays are supposed to be easy and relaxed, but it can take a little bit of planning and preparation to get there. We have put together some beach holiday travel tips and advice to make the planning part stress free.

With our help, you can be on your relaxing holiday sooner, and in the right frame of mind from the beginning.

The Beachside Collective’s Easy and Relaxing list of Beach Holiday Travel Tips

Make a list

Some people LOVE being delegated the job of packing master, while others are more forced into the role kicking and screaming. Either way, packing needs to be done – and if you want it done right, you have to do it yourself – amiright?

Take a lesson from Santa on this one – make a list and check it twice. Make your list at least a few days before you need to pack to give you time to review it, add things you’ve forgotten, and go shopping for anything you are missing. Ideally, you make the list a week or two before you are leaving.

There is a great template list here

If you are flying

There will be some absolute essentials you need to take if you are flying somewhere, especially if you are travelling overseas. Things like sunscreen and thongs you can pick up anywhere, but these you must have packed in your bag to go:

  • Passports and ID
  • Copies of any tickets/reservations/transfers
  • Money/exchanged currency/credit cards
  • Any medication, ensuring that it is labelled
  • Contraception if needed

If you are travelling with a baby, check with your airline to see what items you can take on the plane – some will include these in the ticket price. Some will allow a baby carrier or stroller to be taken along with your regular luggage.

If you want to minimise the items you take with you, check with your accommodation about the ability to borrow or hire these things from your

Put a beach bag together with the day trip essentials

And then leave that bag alone. Take things out to use them, wash them etc, then put them back ready for the next beach trip.

We particularly love the Grey Wolf bag from Cub and Scout; it looks good, is sturdy and easy to clean, has heaps of space and pockets, and even stands up on its own when you need it to.


In this bag you may want to put:

  • Sunscreen
  • Antibacterial wipes
  • Hand sanitiser
  • A small first aid kit
  • Snacks that travel well (pretzels, muesli bars, rice crackers)
  • A couple of bottles of water
  • A couple of snap-lock bags to keep sand out of any valuables
  • A hat for every person in your family
  • Sunglasses
  • Floaties for anyone who needs them
  • A rug or beach blanket
  • Change of underwear or nappies for any little ones not yet toilet trained

This way you don’t have to keep repacking the beach bag and stressing about what is in it every time you go.

The fun stuff list

Your beach holiday is supposed to be fun and relaxing – right? Being well prepared is part of that, as is bringing a few comforts of home. Just because you are on the beach doesn’t mean you want to be uncomfortable, overheated or get sand in weird places.

Time to think of fun, comfort and luxury for this list – you are going on a well-deserved break after all.


  • Bucket and spade if you have little ones
  • Goggles
  • Things that sink and float for various water games such as sinkies, balls or frisbees.
  • Boogie boards or pool noodles

A beach cart is a fabulous accessory


Think of an Italian beachside in a vintage movie – and go classic and classy with your shade options. We love the unique prints on umbrellas like this Cool Cat print from Camilla, or you may also like the quirky shape of the gorgeous beach tent range from Lovin Summer.

We adore this innovative Sand Pillow as an easy beach seat. It is lightweight and folds up small when empty, but when you are at the beach fill the base with sand and the headrest insert with air, and you have an instant seat. Then just empty it again and fold up to go home.

The Sand Pillow



Always swim in patrolled areas. Keep an eye on anyone who is not a strong swimmer and closely supervise your children.

Make sure everyone stays hydrated and protected from the sun especially in the hottest parts of the day. Don’t overdo alcohol and swimming, and make sure that someone knows where you are.

If you are unsure, check with hotel staff about safe beach spots to go to.

Use sunscreen, a hat, sunglasses, and a t-shirt or rashy, and have shade such as an umbrella or a spot under the trees. Reapply sunscreen every couple of hours.

Beach Holiday Travel Tips: Try not to overthink it

The best way to have a great beach holiday is to not overthink it.

If possible, try not to stress too hard about your beach holiday preparation. Unless you are on a desert island, almost anything you forget can be replaced – you don’t need to be so prepared that you have thought of everything.

Go with the flow a little bit and teach yourself to relax. If you have forgotten something, that is ok. The chilled out boho vibe is probably why you planned this holiday in the first place – so, take a deep breath and chill out.

And enjoy.


How to travel without your kids, guilt-free

For all the joy our children bring us, sometimes you can get to the point where you are overwhelmed and exhausted, and you need a time out to prevent burn out. It can also be difficult to carve out time to focus on your relationship and spend some quality time as a couple. One way to get some much-needed adult time is to go on a holiday without your children. A few days away relaxing on a beach and drinking cocktails can re-energise your mind and body, not to mention your relationship with your partner. Here are our tips on how to plan ahead and minimise the guilt, well before you even plan that getaway.

Talk yourself into it. It can be so difficult as a parent to consider leaving our little ones, even if we really need a break. Focus on what’s to be gained for your whole family. It’s important as a parent not to lose your identity and to take time for your own interests, and having a rest can be essential for your own mental health. Just remember you are worth investing in, and you will most likely be a more relaxed parent having had some time out.
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Gift ideas for the beach loving Dad


Father’s Day, whilst fantastic for recognising and thanking all Dad’s, can be super tricky when it comes to finding gifts or experiences that make Dad feel special. Who wants to give Dad boring socks or underwear? But, what do you give the man who already has everything? We have pulled together our best coastal inspired ideas, in the hope that these options will take the stress out of your Father’s Day planning.

Get Dad on a board. For the outdoor Dad who loves the water, but has never learnt to surf, a few lessons could be just the thing to gift your Dad. This gift can be great for Dad to take time out from the family, or one of the family might go along for the ride and make a day of it. Not only does surfing promote health and fitness, but there is a real bonding experience in learning how to stand up on a board.

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