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We recently caught up with Annette Gaber, creator of luxury ethical brand Klassikoz Swimwear. The Klassikoz aesthetic is simple, classic and luxurious, delivering beautifully made swimwear that will last for years both in style and quality. We hope you enjoy getting to know Annette.

Annette Gaber

Q & A

1. Tell us a bit about yourself?

I’m a lawyer by day and operate the swimwear business on the side.  In my spare time, I love to hang out with my Hungarian Vizsla dog – we both love the beach so we hang out there a lot over summer. I enjoy keeping fit and spending time with friends and family. Things I can’t live without include my dog, wine and coffee. I also love to read, mainly fiction and educational books. The last novel I read was Escape Room and I’m currently listening to an audio book called The 4-Hour Work Week.

2. Why did you start your business?

After 15 years of practicing law, I was seeking a creative outlet and I’ve always wanted to know what it was like to start up a business. When I was thinking of product ideas, swimwear came to mind. Whenever I go on holidays, I tend to head to warm beach destinations, as I love warm weather and the water. Swimwear is a travel essential for beach holidays but I used to struggle to find something I liked that was suitable for my age and body shape.

3. Where do you get your inspiration?

Whenever I went shopping for swimwear in the past, I would be faced with the latest trend in cut or fabric. However, I just wanted a classic and elegant swimsuit that flattered my figure and suited my age and style. More importantly, I wanted something that was comfortable to wear. It was a struggle to find. So the inspiration for my debut collection was classic, elegant and minimalist design.

4. Do you have a favourite item in your collection?

My favourite item is the halter neck one piece. It covers your mid-section, hugs the body in the right places and gives your bust a bit of a boost.


5. What does an average day look like for you?

Weekdays are fairly routine. I wake at around 6am and take the dog out for a walk or run. I then head into the office, grab a large soy latte (most people I know are aware I’m not fully functional until I’ve had my morning coffee haha) and do some lawyering. Nights are spent taking the dog out again, cooking dinner and spending time on the swimwear business. Weekends are more about catching up with friends, spending quality time with my dog (I try to get her to the beach as much as I can over summer) and putting in extra time on the swimwear business.



6. Are there any current trends you are inspired by at the moment?

My fashion style is more classic, so I am not one to follow trends. I do, however, love the recent rashie trend. There’s been a move to make rashies simultaneously sun-smart and stylish, which I applaud.

7. Where is your favourite beach?

My favourite place in Australia is Hamilton Island, so I would have to say Catseye Beach.

catseye beach
Photo: Queensland Blog

8. Do you have an item you can’t live without for a day at the beach? (your own product or otherwise!)

That’s easy, sunscreen! I love the Bondi Sands SPF 30 sunscreen oil spray. It’s easy to apply, non-greasy and smells great.

9. If you could holiday anywhere in the world where would you go?

I have always wanted to go to the Greek Islands but I am yet to make it there. It’s definitely at the top of my list of places to go.

10. What’s next for your business, anything exciting on the horizon you can share with us?

My focus at the moment is on building brand awareness and trust, which is a long road. I very much hope to see a second collection released in the not too distant future, for which I already have several ideas.


Please view the gorgeous range of Klassikoz Swimwear here.

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